Boho Style Bar Rescue!

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Check out this Texas Gypsy Style furniture painting technique customized bar furniture transformation!

Texas Gypsy Style Furniture Painting Technique Customized Bar Blog

JP requested a Texas Gypsy Style finish and signature color combo to fit their eclectic and colorful boho style home in Northern Virginia.

Texas Gypsy Style Furniture Painting Technique Customized Bar Blog Before Photo

JP told me about growing up and the reason these pieces were so meaningful to him and how close he was to his grandfather who practically raised him...JP said... “They belonged to my pawpaws parents and were handed down to him, unfortunately after he died, his house was foreclosed on and they were propped up next to the demo dumpster that was there for the clean out…” 

Thankfully JP was able to rescue these and have long lasting memories of his grandfather and share them with his family.  

I had the pleasure of seeing a photo of his grandfather dressed sharp in his cowboy attire...he even had the boots and hat!  JP said "He taught him everything he knew about motorcycles"

All of our chats and photos gave me a really good idea on how to go about painting these pieces for JP.  Knowing some of his background and building customer relationship is key to my work as a furniture artist.  If I am moved...then so is my paint brush.  

Texas Gypsy Style Furniture Painting Technique Customized Bar Blog

The Boho Bar...with "Guy" Appeal is how I describe this piece!  

Furniture with straight lines can be intimidating if you are trying to create movement and flow...not to mention "feeling".  And even though I was "moved" and motivated...I had a long road ahead of me.  So I took my normal painting style to a new level...which was challenging...yet FUn...then totally Rewarding!  

Texas Gypsy Style Furniture Painting Technique Customized Boho Style Bar Blog

This piece brought me to find new techniques that I taught myself and pushed through.  One of these techniques included sanding, which I am not a big fan of...but going through the layers with some sanding brought out the textures and colors exactly how I wanted them.  Trust me...there is more than one way to sand some paint!

Texas Gypsy Style Boho Bar Makeover with Rustic Boho Raw Wood Front Blog

My amazingly talented and kind friend, Kellie, owner of Spider Designs Studio, Located inside Design & Consign ~The Indoor Marketplace were there for me when I needed to find some authentic rustic pieces of wood for JP's bar front.  I called Kellie and got an invitation to her barn for some picking!  She has all of the cool stuff and loves to stock her booth full of her handmade creations and first class treasures they find while out on their boondoggles...I know because I have been blessed to go on a few adventures with them and they are Fantastic Y'all!!!  Visit her shop....You won't be disappointed one single bit!! 

Kellie's husband was able to pull out the most beautiful rustic tongue and groove boards for this project...I was so excited when I saw them and there were just enough!  I know that I was Boho ready to Go!  

After adding the beautiful rustic wood to the front of the bar... it balanced this piece entirely.  

Texas Gypsy Style Boho Bar Transformation Rustic Boho Bar Top Blog

I decided to add about a 7" lip to the front of the bar as well for an overhang that JP's guests could place their drinks on and that would give him more surface area as well.  The stain took exactly the same as the original piece and if you stain wood a lot...then you know that rarely ever happens!  So I was in boho bar heaven after that!  haha!  

Texas Gypsy Style Southwestern Boho Hutch Makeover Furniture Painting Technique Rustic Boho Blog

Photo:  Texas Gypsy Style Boho Style Hutch Furniture Painting Technique Makeover

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Thank y'all for Reading!  I appreciate my customer, JP, for sharing his story and allowing me to share it with you all and a special thanks to Kellie for helping me out with some rich supplies for this project.  



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