The BEST [STEP by STEP] Guide on How to Make Your own Tie-Dye Boho Gypsy Curtains in 2020

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DIY Tie-Dye Boho Curtains
Greetings Everyone!
I have been tie.....DYING to show you my Boho Tie-Dye Curtains!!!  
We had these off white curtains for a while and I was actually about to just take them on over to Goodwill...But!  I thought....What a Great time to try out Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint on Curtains!
Who Loves Tie-Dye...Anything?!  Haha!  Let's have some Fun!  
Step 1:  
Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint color Peony Curtains 
Take any pair of white or off white curtains...(mine were shear but they can be solid as well) and tie them into knots.  I didn't have any rubber bands so I improvised by tying knots!  
belle painting curtains
Step 2:  Grab a Bucket or Container that you can get a little messy.
Step 3:  Get your Dixie Belle Paint Chalk Mineral Paint....I used the following colors.....
All Colors are Available to Purchase through the Links I added for you above!  Yay!
Step 4:  I added a tablespoon of Peony to the bucket.
Gypsy DIY
Step 5:  Add about a quart of water.
Dixie Belle Paint Projects - The Painted Gypsy
Step 6:  Then I dipped the curtain in the bucket of Peony water!  Just get it in there and get it wet.  Trust Me!  Lol!
Boho Gypsy Style Painted Curtains
Step 7:  Grab your Dixie Belle Synthetic Brushes to paint the knots and between the knots.  I used the following brushes....
Oval Medium x 2
Small Round
How to paint gypsy style bohemian curtains - boho work style
Step 8:  Alternate all three colors using a different brush for each color!  
Step 9:  Leave the curtains in the knots and set aside overnight.
 How to paint gypsy boho style curtains 
DIY Boho Painted Curtains Tutorial using Dixie Belle Paint Products 
Watch the Ducks go by!  
Okay...truth be told....I love going outside to do a project when the babies are out to play!  Guilty!!  
Step 10:  NEXT DAY....Undo those Knots!  Yes...they might be a little hard to undo, but you Got THIS!  Once all the knots are out...Lay Flat in the yard and pin them down or Hang on a Clothesline OUTSIDE!  DO NOT PUT THESE IN YOUR DRYER!!!!  Unless you want to tie-dye Everything!  Lol!  
Just keep these babies outside until they are FULLY Dry.  Do Not Place them on anything you don't want paint on ;)  
I put mine to dry on my back porch....but I paint out there so I don't mind a little paint ;)
Gypsy DIY Boho Curtain Painting Tutorial
Place in the SUN for FASTER Dry Time!
Once they are Completely Dry.....You're Done!!!  
I even added some Boho Fringe to the Top of Mine because I gotta be Extra! Lol!
I hope you enjoy this step by step tutorial!  
What colors will You use to make Your Gypsy Boho Tie-Dye Curtains?
Gypsy Boho Decor Curtain Tie Dye Tutorial 
Gypsy Boho Decor Painted Curtains
boho belle painting DIY curtains
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