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Hello Everyone!
This was my very first "Texas Gypsy Style" Furniture Painting Series, hosted on my Newest Facebook Group Page just for anyone wanting to learn more about my furniture painting technique.  
This particular project was a custom order for some of my new local clients who were actually designing their friends dining space.  
I invited them to be apart of the group since we would all be working together and it would give my students an experience in communicating with clients and custom orders.  
The class also had an actual customer of mine who had purchased a "Texas Gypsy Style" Buffet from my Shop!  
Needless to say...we had many different eyes in the group!  LOL!  
I was a bit nervous...but it went great!  
Stay tuned for the next one!  
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Krista Mulkey, Furniture Artist and Content Creator, Texas Gypsy Style 
Thank Y'all!
Krista Mulkey, Furniture Artist & Content Creator
Texas Gypsy Style


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