Gypsy Bamboo Chairs Makeover

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Hey Everyone!

Today's post features one of my Favorite Dixie Belle Paint Colors, Colonel Mustard! 

dixie belle paint colors 2020

I found these matching bamboo chairs at Restore...What a Score!  I was so excited because I am a sucker for a matching chair makeover, but a Bamboo chair set makeover is Awesome!  

bohemian eclectic furniture

They were already painted white, but I wanted to create a fun summer vibe, with a twist!  

I had purchased some Southwest Style Fabric for another project and have been dying to use it on something else. was the day!  

I gave the chairs a good cleaning and lightly sanded some rough spots to get a smooth ready to paint finish.  

I used Dixie Belle's Oval Medium Synthetic paint brush to paint the bamboo chair frames.  

chic style brush

After about 2 coats, I took my Blue Applicator Sponge and applied Gator Hide all over the painted chairs.  This sealer was Perfect because it is Water Repellent if they end up on an outdoor patio.  

bohemian painted furniture

These would be Perfect in any garden or southwest setting!  Heck!  Bring them inside for your "Frida Kahlo" Inspired Room or Kitchen!  

bohemian painted furniture

In the end, I couldn't be more Excited about these gypsy chairs!  They just make you feel all Bright and Sunny inside!  

Happy Chair Hunting!!!

texas style furniture

Order Your Paint & Supplies Here

texas style furniture
texas style furniture
gypsy interior design


If you are inspired by my project... Order Your Paint & Supplies Here!

Dixie Belle Paint Company Product List:  

  • Chalk Mineral Paint Color:  Colonel Mustard
  • Oval Medium Paint Brush
  • Gator Hide, Clear Coat/Sealer
  • Blue Applicator Sponge (used to apply Gator Hide)

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  • I absolutely love those chairs!! The material design was SPOT ON!!! AND THE BEAUTIFUL MUSTARD COLOR!!! GREAT JOB!

    Cynthia Baxley on

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