"TEXAS GYPSY STYLE" Furniture Painting Technique

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Texas Gypsy Style, Furniture Painting Technique, Gypsy Boho Style Painted Furniture

"Texas Gypsy Style" is the NEW furniture painting technique this year!  It has been catching the eyes of customers and furniture artists all over the world.  

Exciting News!  This year "Texas Gypsy Style" was featured in Dixie Belle Paint Company's "Belle Magazine" and it is filled with so many wonderful furniture artists stories, painting tips and more!  My story comes from the heart and I decided to share that moment with Belle Magazine's readers because I know that we are connected and on this journey together.  It is hard to dig deep into why we paint or why we paint the way we do...  So, I decided to tell you where the roots of  "Texas Gypsy Style" stem from....  I hope you decide to purchase one of these magazines, because you will thoroughly enjoy it.  Make sure you grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, set aside some "me" time...if possible...and immerse yourself in the lives of the furniture artists you have come to love and become like family to us day after day through our good times and not so good times.  We truly appreciate your support and enthusiasm during our Facebook Live Shows and everywhere else you see us!  "Behind Texas Gypsy Style" pages 20-21

Texas Gypsy Style, Belle Magazine Feature  Texas Gypsy Style, Belle Magazine Feature

It has become a "Staple" for me and my business and is now becoming a favorite of furniture artists around the world who are looking for inspiration.  

Texas Gypsy Style, Belle Magazine Feature

I work in very basics steps to complete this look and I have created various in depth video tutorials on how to achieve this look. 

"Texas Gypsy Style" painting technique consists of 3 colors and 1 Metallic paint.   Texas Gypsy Style Furniture Painting Technique, Boho Painted Furniture 

 But!  It doesn't stop there....haha!  Don't forget about the top of the buffets!  I always strip and refinish the wood with a gel stain for a natural element in most all of my pieces.  I also have a video tutorial for that as well!  

I am always playing with color combos and designs to see what looks pleasing to my eye.  I usually plan out my colors ahead of time, but sometimes inspiration pulls me in different directions while I am in the process of painting.  

 Texas Gypsy Style Furniture Painting Technique     

Texas Gypsy Style Furniture Painting Technique, Unique Furniture Knobs

I also love to find unique knobs or pulls to accent my furniture.  Who doesn't love a cute knob?!  Something so simple can really make or break your design, but I love to challenge my box full of knobs and hardware as well versus always going to purchase new knobs.  I love to recycle and paint hardware as well!  

Texas Gypsy Style Furniture Painting Technique

Texas Gypsy Style is not meant to blend into the walls...it's Expressive and Exciting!  Like I ALWAYS say...."Here at Texas Gypsy Style...We Stand Out and We Like it!"  

Enjoy and Remember to have Fun with Painting Furniture!  

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