Boho Style Desk Makeover!

Posted by Krista Mulkey on

This desk has been given a 5 star Makeover!

Texas Gypsy Style ~ Boho Painted Furniture

It is a traditional, Federal Style, desk or vanity that I transformed into a Boho Beauty!

Rich "Earth" Tones with my signature natural wood stained top give this piece a deep rustic vibe that I love contrasting with a Vibrant colors and metallics.

I designed a distressed "Hollywood Regency" element on each side of this piece that captures a shimmering oriental pattern that is beyond gorgeous.

Texas Gypsy Style ~ Oriental Painted Pattern Desk, Vanity

My contrasting colors of avocado and chartreuse were inspired by a "Chinoiserie" style theme with a bird and butterfly nature scene that takes this piece to the next level.
Texas Gypsy Style ~ Birds and Butterflies Painted Desk Vanity
The Floral arrangements were placed in each corner to enhance the oriental pattern which is a different take on where the eye wants to focus. I believe this is an interesting moment for finding balance in art.

This piece is in Vintage condition, which means there may be "character" in terms of natural use over time. However, I always make sure that pieces are in good working condition for my customers. All drawers open and close wonderfully and the entire piece itself is in tact.

You will be able to enjoy using it for years to come!

If you are interested in purchasing this piece for yourself or a gift for someone special....CLICK HERE to Visit my Etsy Shop for more info.  



Let me know if you have any questions!  Happy to make this process easy going for You!

Have a Great Day!


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