“Our lives really take off when we find ourselves…And when you find it…you don’t want to let it go.” ~Krista Mulkey, Texas Gypsy Style

Texas Gypsy Style, Furniture Artist, Krista Mulkey, About the Artist

I am a small town girl, born and raised in El Campo, TX, who always dreamed of living on an island, seeing "clear blue" water, traveling the world, and owning my own business. 

I have always been into painting, even as a child. My aunt was a big influence and a guide for me through understanding the different art techniques. We worked on several community fundraiser projects together and she was always right there by my side. We also would create canvas paintings to be used for birthday gifts and Christmas presents.

Little did I know that my time with her and these small projects would inspire me and become a huge part of my story.

I joined the United States Coast Guard to serve our country and traveled to some of the most beautiful places in the world.  

After being faced with a tough decision, I left the military because I was needed back home in Texas. It was there, back in my roots, where I gained an entirely new perspective on life.

I have waited my whole life to find myself and I am so excited to have an opportunity to share it with you. 

I put my heart and soul into each and every piece and it provides such a great feeling of satisfaction and gratitude. It takes me back to my childhood where I get that same feeling as if I am giving a piece of art to my parents or grandparents all over again. 

It often takes hours to create a single piece because of how much thought and emotion I put into my color combinations. Once I have the piece in hand, I will let it sit for days or possibly a month to really think about where I am setting the scene. Once I find my setting, then I start to play with color. Color can be overwhelming at times, but I find that when I work with my techniques, it becomes a rhythm. It is exciting and a little intense leading up to that point, but I know everything will always fall into place.

I have chosen to work on projects this particular way because if I am rushed, then the project will fail. I have never been someone who creates tons of pieces just to get them sold. I absolutely love what I do, because it leads me right back home, no matter where I am.  

My husband is currently Active Duty and serves in the USCG, where we now live in Hampton, Virginia. We have 1 daughter, Rileigh and 2 sons, Landon and Waylon......along with our Chiweenie (Sunny), Chihuahua (Chi Chi Marie) and Black Lab (Amos).

I have the pleasure of working with my clients to bring them something very special and unique to their home. My work has been shipped all over the United States and it is humbling to have so many admirers near and far. My furniture has debuted on many retailers social media platforms and received recognition for the authenticity I bring to the table with vibrant and enchanting color combinations like no other.

Here at Texas Gypsy...We stand out and we like it!

Stylish Painted Furniture is not meant to blend into the walls. It is meant to greet you and take you by surprise. Every piece I create, I desire it to catch your eye and for you to feel the colors dancing around the room.  


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