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In case you're wondering, I work with Clients near and far on Custom Orders.  

Over 6yrs Experience...

Specializing in an expanded furniture search to find a piece that fits your style and space,  Color & Design Consultation where your inspirations begin to come to life and of course...Painting and bringing clients along for the journey where you are apart of the process from start to finish!  

*The custom order process timeline is case by case.  I work closely with all clients to ensure that the piece is on point.  We communicate via text with photo updates and communication is Key to this process.  I do not rush to finish and think of the best possible way to enhance each piece.  I hold my work to high standards and quality over quantity.  Please understand that I do run my own business painting custom orders, along with an online store, local shop and I want to spend time with my Family as well.  

**Just know that I will Deliver...I always do...I always have.  I have had the most wonderful clients all over the United States and I cannot wait to add you to my list!  

Please let me know how I can help you!  ~Krista Mulkey, Texas Gypsy Style  


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