Texas Gypsy Style & Company

Texas Gypsy Style Monthly Subscription Plan

This community is dedicated to painting furniture using my personal technique "Texas Gypsy Style" and other finishes that help you achieve your furniture painting goals.  

I will teach classes in the group using the Facebook LIVE feature, which is interactive and allows you to ask questions and comment in real-time.  

You will also have access to my entire library of Video Tutorials that I have created using different products and brands that help you understand and learn to use as well.  

I am Excited to have a group of eager creatives looking to expand their knowledge and grow their passion of painting furniture with me.  

Members will have unlimited access to everything that is posted to the Private Group.

Monthly Subscription Plan $32

Cancel anytime, no pro-rating 

See Payment Details below:


*Once you have set up payment...

CLICK HERE to Request to Join the Private Facebook Group Page if you have not already done so.  

*If you requested to join prior to setting up payment...Don't worry!  It's Okay!  Just set up payment and feel free to send me a message to confirm your registration.  

I am so Excited to meet and Paint with You! 

See you in the group!  ~Krista

Texas Gypsy Style, Krista Mulkey, Furniture Artist


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